Our modes of action

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To fullfil its tasks, the association impulses and supervises projects in which volunteers commit themselves to realized specific deliverables seen as raw materials for new products or services (datasets, standards, inventories, softwares, etc), or explore new innovation fields (legaldesign, artificial intelligence, etc).

Acting as a « do-tank », Open Law provides for a neutral environment for every stakeholders willing to embrace a constructive and innovative approach where collaboration is the cornerstone of success.

For each topic entering into our scope of action, we mix substantive work with periodic events. At the end of the day, we offer our community prototypes and working scenarios free and ready to use. In that perspective, we contribute to fostering innovation and change in the legal sector.

What is the practical input of Open Law in those projects ?

Provides for all its know-how in « collaboration engineering » :  tools and methodologies (hackathons, brainstorming and co-creation workshops, digital platforms, consultation tools), co-working places, strategic monitoring.

Rallies its community and look for new partnerships in order to assemble multi-disciplinary teams which is able to properly address the issue at stake.

Enforces a strict policy of oppeness and share inspired by the first Open Source communities