In the continuity of the P4 and its Challenge on the cross-professionalism, Open Law wished to put to the test the Pluri-professional Society of Exercise (SPE) through a simulation mixing all the actors concerned ( regulated professions of the law and the number, publishers, school, legal tech etc ...)

The objective: to verify the reality of the preconceived ideas (the SPE is a model addressing mainly to the big structures, it is difficult for the different professions to share the data without breaking the ethical rules etc ...) and to allow all of them seize this mode of exercise.

This cycle is composed of different working groups, composed of lawyers and publishers, to analyze the texts and develop a library, to look at applicable business models and to think about a digital platform including chatbot, simulators and practical guides.

The multiple works initiated around a concrete case, that of the transfer of company, will be documented in a white paper at the end of the cycle to give the keys to all to engage in this way.


Interprofessionality offers a one-stop shop and a full services approach to meet a market need

Yet, the actors of the legal world do not seem ready to seize it, or often consider that this format of business is reserved for large structures.

However, the new legal framework on interprofessionnality allows different professions to work collective intelligence in an Open Innovation approach

Proposed Solutions
  • Convince of the relevance of the interprofessional model through the modeling of a digital business dedicated to the "transfer of companies"
  • "Demining" and documenting the obstacles

The transfer of companies is a privileged ground as it necessarily implies a multitude of actors



Dan Kohn. 

Schedule and Skills needed


To illustrate this approach through a dedicated digital platform;


To imagine a business transfer simulator to accompany the transferor in his first reflection.


Ressources du programme