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Continuing previous work from 2016 (Smart contracts cycle), this project aims to develop the understanding and the appropriation, among lawyers, of these computer programs automating the execution of contracts. The cycle, run in partnership with the ECAN (School of Creation and Digital Crafts) and the Coala Lex initiative, brings together some 20 selected specialists on application, and pursues a triple objective:

  • Create "interdisciplinary" promotions of technophile lawyers, trained in blockchain and smart contracts, and non-lawyers sensitized on legal issues they may present;
  • In-depth analysis of current use cases, their business model and the associated legal framework;
  • Create a first repository of Smart Contracts Open Source with their legal analysis, to inspire and facilitate the deployment of new products and services.


Photo groupe de travail SCA

Photo groupe de travail SCA

For more informations

  • Strong enthusiasm for the previous project of workshops discovered around smart contracts.
  • Need to build skills to offer more qualitative deliverables
  • Relevance of multidisciplinarity to address the challenges posed by the development of Smart Contracts.
Proposed Solutions

Establishing interdisciplinary and mentored Smart Contracts design promotions applied to business use cases for:

  • Powering a "Smart Contracts Library" in Open Source
  • Final booklet summarizing all the work and the topics covered
  • Documentation on the projects developed by the promotion



Xavier Levayssiere - ECAN

Schedule and Skills needed


  • Blockchain / smart contracts experts looking for use cases to test their skills
  • Technophile lawyers seeking to train on the issue
  • Company or organization wishing to "sponsor" a candidate in a "continuing education" initiative

Trainers / Mentors

  • To accompany the work of the promotion

Project leaders

  • Who seeks to experiment thanks to a multidisciplinary team
  • Who recognizes himself in the open innovation values ​​defended by the association

Nous avons besoin de vos contributions !

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