Think LeD* : Legal Design


This exploratory cycle aims to explore the "Legal Design" approach, still little theorized and even less implemented in France. Our work combining lawyers, entrepreneurs, associations, engineers and designers during monthly workshops at the National School of Industrial Design (ENSCI), provide an ideal framework to experiment through concrete use cases made by our partners.


  • Learn collaborative work to participants;
  • Raise awareness of the Legal Design dimension and participate in changing the way services are designed;
  • Experiment with prototyping solutions that put the right user at the center of legal thinking;
  • Feed a database with the solutions developed and create a library of online facilitation tools.

> illegibility of the law for the  layman

> New difficulties for many lawyers to meet the needs and expectations of their clients in traditional formats

> The image medium whose rise is irresistible.

Proposed Solutions

Create a community of "Legaldesigners" to transmit and return legal information in another form.

And concretely:

What's this ?

Cycle of monthly workshops in the evening: 19h-21h, except for hackathon events

How ?

Iterative collaboration - an experimentation workshop on a given subject then a restitution workshop

For who ?

The system relies on actors / interlocutors who will have a particular interest or subject to study (an association, a publisher, an insurer, a law firm or a large account) and must include the end-users ( feedback)

Standard planning of a workshop:

Plenary for "theory" or feedback

1h30 of practical cases


Elodie Teissèdre, Sumi Saint Auguste

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