How to train lawyers of tomorrow


Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Big and Open Data, Legaltech, Legal Design and Predictability, etc: the digital disrupts the practice and perception of law and involves rethinking the role of the lawyer. Therefore, new training and a renewed base of skills are essential to enable it to take its full place in the society of tomorrow.

This is the task we are working on in this new program, both as:

  • an inventory of existing open access learning resources;
  • an exploratory course of innovative pedagogies applied to law;
  • an experimental space for tools likely to accompany this transformation of learning;
  • a collective reflection on new legal professions and the transformation of career paths.

The work must lead to concrete measures that can be taken by the "Lawyer of tomorrow" to accompany its digital trajectory. These can be technological (MOOC, serious game, databases of learning resources, etc.), methodological (methodological sheet, simulation methodology, job market, etc.) and / or educational (business profiles, list of key skills, video testimonials, quizzes and online tests).

Through this project, our ambition is to participate in a global dynamic aiming at giving the lawyers the control of their professional trajectory and allowing them to enhance their training. Our difference: create the conditions for a transversal, multidisciplinary and interprofessional reflection in order to explore and bring out collective and open solutions.

  • Challenge for the ecosystem and the legal market: lawyers must be involved in their training and their career path by mastering the digital transformation of uses, practice and trades.*
  • Disconnect between content / learning formats and the skills and knowledge expected in the professional world.


Proposed Solutions
  • Demonstrate that digital is a part of the answer and can transform in depth and durably content and learning formats.
  • Use the unique positioning of the association to lead a unifying action, in continuation of the work already initiated within the association.
  • Be complementary to the steps taken by the educational system and traditional educational providers.



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