Innovating: collaborative innovation programs at Open Law

At Open Law, a program is a thematic project with a duration of 6 months (short program) to one year (long program) during which contributors - public and private partners, members of the civil society - meet with the desire to experimenting with new solutions in the field of law.
From their collaborative approach comes a set of events and animations leading to the development of "common" resources: databases, standards or recommendations in the form of a white paper, inventories, software solutions, methodologies ... which in the long run will be able to provide to all those who consult them or use them the possibility to prototype new services or concepts.

Work in progress

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How to train lawyers of tomorrow

Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Big and Open Data, Legaltech, Legal Design and Predictability, etc: the digital disrupts the practice and perception of law and involves rethinking the role of the lawyer. Therefore, new training and a renewed base of skills are essential to enable it to take its full place in the society of tomorrow.

This is the task we are working on in this new program, both as:

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Programme 5 - Open Case Law (Open Data Jurisprudentiel)

Co-organized by the association Open Law and the DILA, in partnership with Etalab, the Ministry of Justice, the Court of Cassation, the Court of Accounts, the Council of State, the Paris Bar Association, the INPI and the CNIL, this new innovation program took place from September to December 15.

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The Open Law Association and the DILA (Directorate of Legal and Administrative Information), and the French Information Industry Group (GFII) co-organizes the "Open Law" collaborative innovation program Europa "launched in September 2015 in partnership with private sector players.

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Programme 2 - Prédictibilité du droit

Launched in July 2015, the "predictability of law" challenge, organized by the Open Law association in collaboration with AXA Legal Protection and the Paris City Council, is part of the process of construction for a more open law. It aims to simplify access to the law, by proposing to the new actors of the legal system a program of co-creation on the topic "how to anticipate the legal difficulties of an individual? ".

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Programme 1 - Accès au droit

At the origin of the creation of the association Open Law, the P1 was launched on Thursday, October 30, 2014 on the occasion of the Open World Forum 2014, and jointly driven by the Open World Forum ( OWF), the Department of Legal and Administrative Information (DILA), Etalab and NUMA. The project was driven on a day to day basis by an organizing committee made up of legal professionals, community actors, Open Source actors, state agents and developers.

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