Programme 5 - Open Case Law (Open Data Jurisprudentiel)


Co-organized by the association Open Law and the DILA, in partnership with Etalab, the Ministry of Justice, the Court of Cassation, the Court of Accounts, the Council of State, the Paris Bar Association, the INPI and the CNIL, this new innovation program took place from September to December 15.

The Open "Case" Law program aims to collectively forsee the technical and legal issues related to the opening of case law, in order to be able to produce a first prospective vision of what could be, tomorrow, the Public service of legal public data, and in particular the P5 Open Case Law aims to:

  • Support the opening of court decisions
  • Collectively define rules for the pseudonymization of jurisprudence
  • Enrich raw data to incorporate ECLI identifiers on legislation
  • Co-design the public service of the legal public data
  • Stimulate the reuse of case law data

This common vision will be translated in a White Paper and illustrated by concrete cases, on the feasibility and means of Open Data in matters of court decisions. By identifying major issues and possible solutions, the program's stakeholders wish to make their expertise available to the legislator in order to facilitate the drafting of decrees implementing the Lemaire law and to give a collaborative dimension to the process.
Beyond this, the program will continue the collaborative innovation work undertaken by Open Law and its partners under program 3, Open Law Europa, through the creation and development of "digital law commons", particularly from public-private creation of key registers of legal public data.

Ressources du programme